Freeze Rent Increase Guidelines


Whereas Letting landlords raise rents before tenants have recovered from the pandemic is the wrong move; and

Whereas Ontario should be freezing its rent increase guideline at zero again in 2022 and providing rent subsidies to tenants who are still struggling from income and job losses caused by the pandemic; and

Whereas Toronto’s residential rental vacancy rate is 1.1%; and

Whereas the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Toronto is over $2,000/month (highest in the country); and

Whereas the waitlist for social housing in Ontario is nearing 200,000 households; and

Whereas the Ford Government eliminated rent control protections on new rental housing; and

Whereas every person deserves access to safe, affordable, and livable housing.

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

  • Freeze rent increase guidelines at zero for 2022
  • End Vacancy Decontrol: Landlords should not be able to increase rents to whatever amount they want when a tenant moves out
  • Strengthen the Residential Tenancies Act to protect tenants from renovictions and illegal evictions

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