Thank you Toronto-Danforth for sending me back to Queen's Park to fight for you.

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Peter Tabuns has been serving the people of Toronto-Danforth for over twenty years as a city councillor and MPP.

He’s been our community’s progressive champion at Queen’s Park since 2006, standing up for working families in Toronto-Danforth and across Ontario.

As an MPP and the Official Opposition's critic for energy and climate crisis as well as intergovernmental affairs, Peter has the knowledge and know-how to turn bold, fresh ideas into solutions that make a real difference in the lives of everyday Ontarians.

Peter is working to: 

  • Create jobs while fighting climate change
  • Build more affordable housing in Toronto-Danforth 
  • Fund public transit properly
  • Defend our healthcare system and workers
  • Invest in the schools and childcare services we need
  • Fight for people and small businesses during the COVID pandemic 

Peter has a long history of activism as a housing advocate, healthcare campaigner and environmentalist. Peter worked as the Director of Greenpeace Canada and as an environmental issues advisor to his close friend and former city council colleague Jack Layton.

Peter is Toronto-Danforth's progressive champion at Queen's Park. Join our movement today.



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