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Ontario could be at risk of energy shortfall this summer, report finds

CTV - Ontario could be at risk of energy shortfall this summer, report finds

" But the New Democratic Party MPP Peter Tabuns feels like funding cuts to renewable projects by the Progressive Conservative government are partially to blame for the summer assessment’s conclusions.

“Ontario is the only province in Canada that is rated with elevated risk that it can’t meet peak demand,” Tabuns said in the Legislature Thursday. “After five years, this government’s policies of cutting funding for efficiency and conservation, of demolishing wind farms and cancelling other renewable projects have led to this.

“We’re going to see more extreme weather that increases the chances that we’ll have outages.” "

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Could Ontario sue fossil-fuel companies for climate damages?

ANALYSIS: Extreme weather will bring extreme costs for the province. Some opposition MPPs are trying make it possible to make polluters pay

So who pays? NDP energy and climate-action critic Peter Tabuns, along with colleagues Jessica Bell, Sandy Shaw, and Doly Begum, introduced a bill at the legislature this week that would open the door to one lucrative possibility: suing fossil-fuel companies for climate damages.

“The fossil-fuel companies are extraordinarily wealthy, and they need to pay their fair share,” says Tabuns. “As governments start to have to put out tens and hundreds of billions of dollars to deal with the damages from climate change, they’re going to be looking for sources of revenue.”


Ontario's electric grid is getting reinforcements but it's too soon to nix natural gas, says operator

NDP 'deeply concerned' about increasing reliance on natural gas

"Battery storage facilities can charge during off-peak hours then inject electricity back into the system at times of peak demand.

NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns said the seven new battery storage facilities are welcome news, but he is "deeply concerned" about increasing reliance on natural gas.

"While the entire world moves towards greener and more sustainable energy sources, Ontario's expected decision to increase (reliance on) gas-fired power plants undermines plans to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions — further demonstrating the Conservatives' lack of commitment to meaningful climate action." "



Cutting down trees for new transit line raises alarms

Metrolinx says building Ontario line requires removing nearly 2,800 trees in Don Valley

Metrolinx is beginning the removal of trees in the Don Valley area to make way for construction of the Ontario Line.

However, the cutting of trees is raising new questions in the community about the company’s plans.

Toronto-Danforth MPP Peter Tabuns said people understand more transit is needed in Toronto and that will cause some disruption.

“However, I think it is critical for anybody developing that transit to minimize damage and to consult with the community to reduce conflict and get the best solution,” Tabuns said. “I don’t believe that the consultation needed has been carried out and I am shocked by the scale of tree removal.”


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