Ontario kids will pay the price if Ford drives education workers away: NDP

The Ontario NDP issued the following press release on October 31, 2022:

QUEEN’S PARK — Chandra Pasma, Ontario NDP Education critic, released the following statement in response to Doug Ford’s move to bully education workers with legislation that would ban their right to strike and impose a contract on them:

“It’s despicable that Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce are putting the support our kids get in school at risk. Bullying education workers, holding back their wages, and leaving them to rely on food banks is going to drive caring adults out of the classroom permanently. It’s our kids who will pay the price if Mr. Ford and Mr. Lecce create a staffing crisis in schools the same way this government has in hospitals with its low-wage policies. Kids with disabilities won’t have the help they need in the classrooms. Our youngest students will have less support in school. Lunchrooms will go unsupervised. Classrooms will go uncleaned.

Instead of giving education workers a decent wage, and ensuring caring adults are there for our kids in the classroom, Ford and Lecce are launching a losing battle. When the Liberals meddled with the bargaining rights of educators and teachers, the courts ordered the government to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars.

New Democrats will keep fighting for the investments in schools that our kids need right now. We can make sure there are caring adults in the classroom to support students by giving education workers a decent standard of living. Mr. Ford should respect workers’ rights, rip up his anti-worker legislation, and return to the bargaining table with a fair deal that retains education workers, rather than driving them away.”


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LONDON – Peggy Sattler (London West), Official Opposition critic for Colleges and Universities, released the following statement in response to reports of provincial funding for postsecondary institutions:

“Does Ford understand that we are in a crisis?

“Ford has been fully aware of how decades of chronic underfunding by Liberal and Conservative governments, and five years of Ford cuts, have pushed our postsecondary institutions to the brink. Now Ford’s rumoured investment is half what his own panel of experts have recommended”

“Instead of taking serious action, Ford has encouraged unrestrained international student recruitment, enabled bad actors, rewarded PC party donors, and left everyone else out in the cold.

“We should never have gotten to this level of crisis in our colleges and university sector. We need serious solutions to get us out.”


  • The Blue Ribbon Panel recommended an urgent $2.5 billion investment over three years as the minimum needed just to keep colleges and universities running. And that was before the international student cap was announced.
  • Ford’s investment is rumored to be $1.2 billion – not nearly enough


TORONTO – Official Opposition NDP critic for Energy and Climate Action, Peter Tabuns (Toronto – Danforth), has released the following statement in response to the Conservative government’s legislation to maintain a costly charge on energy bills that subsidizes Enbridge’s expansion plans:

“Ending this subsidy would mean over a billion in savings for customers, who will now be stuck paying more than $300 on top of their current utility bills simply to help Enbridge’s bottom line. Ford’s Conservatives walked away from a win-win-win situation: lower energy bills for Ontarians, lower carbon emissions, and a future where homes can start converting to heat pumps.

"At a time when the world needs to move towards green energy, the Conservatives are using their majority to drive up carbon emissions and gas bills.

"They had the option to put money back in people’s pockets and finally start addressing the realities of climate change. But they chose to stick to their interests: climate denial and lining the pockets of billion-dollar corporations like Enbridge.”

Quick Facts:

  • $4,400 savings cited by the Minister are for homes where developers choose natural gas over electric heat pumps, will instead be added to the bills of existing gas consumers, representing over $1 billion in extra charges to gas consumers over four years.
  • The OEB decision was about keeping these costs off people’s gas bills, but today’s legislation will add these costs back on.


QUEEN’S PARK — Ontario NDP Leader Marit Stiles said the Official Opposition is heading into the upcoming legislative session ready to present practical, hopeful solutions:

"People across our province are facing real challenges right now. People are waiting for hours for basic healthcare, they are stuck with sky-rocketing costs of housing, and their bills are not getting any lower. We need real solutions,” said Stiles. “But this government is too wrapped up in its never-ending scandals to come up with real solutions that matter to Ontarians.

“The NDP is headed into this session focused on delivering solutions to housing, health care, and the rising cost of living.

“We've taken on a corrupt Conservative government and forced them to reverse course on countless bad decisions. Now, they’re under a criminal investigation for selling off the Greenbelt to the highest bidder and were forced to walk back wage-suppression policies after losing twice in court. Every climbdown and policy reversal is proof that when we work together, we can win.

"This session, we'll keep holding Ford’s Conservatives to account, while putting forward the solutions that will make people’s lives easier.”

Stiles and the NDP will champion real solutions in the legislature, from targeting the staffing shortage in hospitals and underused public hospital resources, to expediting housing—including deeply affordable housing.

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