Hydo bills up while cost of living skyrockets, inflation hits 5.7%

QUEEN'S PARK — Ontario NDP Energy critic Peter Tabuns said Ontarians' cost of living is rising steeply at the same time as a new report by the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) reveals that Ford's promise to reduce Ontarians' hydro rates by 12 percent was always a sham. 

The inflation rate announced Wednesday was a whopping 5.7 percent. Under the Ford government, the average ratepayer's hydro bill has risen by 4.3 per cent and counting. 

"People in Ontario are under more strain than ever. Families are working harder than ever, but we’re all swimming upstream because the cost of everything is rising so fast,” Tabuns said. 

"The FAO makes it clear that the scheme Ford put forward was always magic beans, smoke and mirrors and a shell game. It was built to be a facade, not to lower hydro bills. Instead of lowering hydro bills, Ford hiked them. Ontarians are still paying the unfairly high prices caused by Steven Del Duca and the Liberals selling off Hydro One, and Ford has done nothing to fix that."

Tabuns said the Ontario NDP is committed to tackling the root causes of skyrocketing electricity system costs.

"We deserve a government that understands what the rising cost of living is doing to regular people, that prioritizes making life more affordable and rebuilding the electricity system with the interests of regular ratepayers top of mind."

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