Meet Peter's supporters

Peter Tabuns walking down stress with quote from small business owner

Peter's supporters come from across Toronto-Danforth and beyond.

Below are some of the residents, organizations, activists, community leaders and small business owners who endorsed Peter in the June 2022 provincial election.

Peter's 2022 Election Endorsements 


Peter's Community Supporters

Anett Avelin - Leslieville resident
Kam Babulal - East York resident
Ann Baranowski - Riverdale resident
Dorothy Barrett - Riverdale resident
Janet Bojti - Pocket resident
Sean Carson - East York resident and tenant activist
Ali Chatur - Toronto-Danforth resident
Qiaoyun Chen
Xiaoxia Chen
Mohammed Salim Chhiboo - Danforth-area resident
Steve Collins - East York resident
John Coulbourne - Leslieville resident
Michael Crabb - Riverside resident
Irfan Desai - Danforth-area resident
Lisa Douglas - Leslieville resident
Tina Faibish - East York resident and tenant activist
Peter Farncombe - Pocket resident
Yu Fei Ma - Rivertown resident
Paula Fletcher - City Councillor, Ward 14 Toronto Danforth
Leslie Forge - East York resident
JJ Fueser - East York resident and labour activist
Zvi Gaster - Gerrard/Greenwood resident
Howard Green - Carlaw Condo resident
Christy Green - Carlaw Condo resident
Clare Hacksel - Former NDP Federal Candidate in Toronto-Danforth, Leslieville resident and healthcare expert
Michelle Harding - East York resident
Steven Harding - East York resident
Alex Hooper - Leslieville resident
Jim Houston - East York resident
Jennifer Huang - Leslieville resident
Matt Hudson - Riverside resident
Shirallee Hudson-Hill - Riverside resident
Michael Kanter - Riverdale resident
Maureen Kenny - Danforth-area resident
Tim Kirkwood - Leslieville resident
Shelley Kline - Riverside resident
Qin Kong
Dr. Vincent Lam - Riverdale resident
David Langille - Pocket resident
Greg Lichti - Leslieville resident
Jean Lim O'Brien - Leslieville resident
Juanqing Lin
Yuan-Chun Liu - East York resident and parent activist
Qiaofeng Lu
Ming Ma - Rivertown resident
David Mackenzie - East York resident
Seraphim Marcopoulos - East York resident
Kristin Marshal - Broadview Gerrard resident
Susan McMurray - Pocket resident
Jennifer Newcombe - Gerrard/Greenwood resident and education activist
Mario Pacheco - East York resident
Max Pacheco - former East York and Montcrest Towers resident
Olivia Pacheco - East York resident
Polly Pacheco - East York resident
Jim Parker - East York resident
Laura Pascoe - Riverdale resident
Andrew Peck - East York resident
Michael Prue - Former MPP and Mayor of East York
Maggie Redmonds - Riverside resident
Satu Repo - Pocket resident
Liisa Repo Martell - Pocket resident
Karen Robbins -Riverdale resident
Grant Roll - Leslieville resident
Floyd Ruskin - Riverdale resident and environmental activist
Susan Ruskin - Riverdale resident
Fathima Sakeena - East York resident
Craig Scott - Former MP for Toronto-Danforth
Elizabeth Shilton - East York resident
Rick Sin - Gerrard/Greenwood resident
Sue Sinclair
Eon Song - Riverside resident
Theresa Tova - Danforth-area resident
Willie Tse - Gerrard/Greenwood resident
Kurt Uriarte - Gerrard/Greenwood resident and education activist
Mariana Valverde - Riverside resident
Paul van Dongen - Leslieville resident
Merylie Wade Houston - East York resident
Dennis Wamala - Human rights activist
Grace Wang
Rosemary Waterston - Riverside resident
Tony Whitaker - Riverside resident
Peter Wright - Pocket resident
Paul Young - Broadview Gerrard resident

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